LAke Avenue Covid Relief Fund

to the LAke Avenue preschool community:

 LAP among many other Early Childhood Care Centers need your Help! prior to covid lap was thriving at capacity with 56 students and 10 staff members. We closed our doors to comply with additional cdc, la county public health and licensing regulations. we made necessary updates depleting our reserve fund. when covid hit we immediately removed all carpets and replaced with proper flooring to manage daily cleaning. lap repainted the entire school for a fresh and inviting look also eliminating any dust. we purchased air purifiers for every room, replaced air conditioning filters, added outdoor sinks to the toddler and preschool yard, purchased ppe and cleaning supplies and more. LAP needs your help to maintain all the additonal costs associated with covid. LAP recently made a decision to stay smaller than our orignial number of 30. we will now have 20 students to ensure we do not have to hire any outside substitutes in order to keep our children, famiies and staff safe. we are committed to keeping up with additional cleaning routines and handwashing routines. We are committed to students staying in small groups with additonal staff and supplying students with their own daily supply of materials such as various art supplies we have to replenish, indiivudal toy boxes, and project boxes, we are committed to our dedicated staff who show up each day ready to work and comply to all regulations. we are in need to be able to keep replensihing those items as well as purchasing outdoor equipment, ongoing cleaning supplies and services, continue to keep all staff, and materials for the winter to stay busy indoors just to name a few items. we appreciate all donations as our normal popcorn fundraiser is our only fundraiser which we typically raise $10,000 and get to keep $5000. LAP would like to be able to raise $10,000 for our relief fund. Help us keep going and finish the 2020-2021 school  year strong! Please click on the donation button at the top or below and make your donation today! please share with family and friends!

YOurs in service,

LAP staff 

Lake Avenue Preschool/Kindergarten
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