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Lake Avenue Preschool Academic Lesson Plan​.

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Lake Avenue Preschool/Kindergarten



Circle Time (8:10-8:25)   

How was your Weekend?

Morning Songs If you give a mouse a cookie

Morning Songs Books on CD

Old Mac Donald Wheels on the Bus stories

Circle Time (8:10-8:25)   

Toddlers (1:30-2:30) 

Sing Songs about shapes -Review circle and square -Painting activity with shapes

Intro To Triangle! Find The Triangle Color the Triangles(Identification & Fine motor Skills & Following Direction)

All about the Rectangle! Identifying a Rectangle —How many Sides?? -Shape collage using circles, squares, triangles and rectangles

Shape Flashcards -Identification Find shapes hidden in classroom

Toddlers (1:30-2:30) 

2-3 yr. old T. Kimmy (8:30-9:15) 

Introducing #2 Recognition and Counting

-Number Recognition #2 -Counting/Flashcards Find the Number 2

-Activity Project with the Number 2

Review #1 and #2

2-3 yr. old T. Kimmy (8:30-9:15) 

2-3 yr. old T. Jessica (9:15-9:45) 

ABC Song Breaking Down the ABC’s

Read Chicka Chicka Boom Book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Craft

ABC word association Ex: A is for apple Stories about the Letter A

ABC word Association Ex: A is for Apple

2-3 yr. old T. Jessica (9:15-9:45) 

3-4 year olds (8:30-9:15) (9:15-9:45) 

Name Game Review Class Rules

Name Game Properly Hold Pencil Start Tracing

Fall Art Project

Tracing Activity worksheet

3-4 year olds (8:30-9:15) (9:15-9:45) 

Pre-K Group A (8:30-9:15) 

Morning Routine Cc-Printing/Recognition Name Printing Review Science Concepts: Living vs. Non Living

Morning Routine Printing/Recognition Dd Fall Art Project

Morning Routine Number work: Identifying 1-5 Science Activity: Nocturnal Animals

Review Identifying A-D Matching Aa-Dd

Pre-K Group A (8:30-9:15) 

Pre-K Group B (9:15-9:45) 

Morning Routine Cc-Printing/Recognition/Phonics Name Printing Review Science : Living vs. non-living

Morning Routine Printing/Recognition/Phonics Dd Fall Art Project

Morning Routine Number words: one and two Science Activity: Nocturnal Animals

Review Phonetic Sounds Science Time Fine motor Skills building

Pre-K Group B (9:15-9:45)