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After-hour activities for the families include:

Animal shows, guest presenters, school birthdays, holiday parties, graduation/promotional ceremony, holiday performances by children, and much more.

Location permaNently closed

About us

The school offers year-round Full and Morning Half-Day Classes 5 days a week, for ages 18 months through kindergarten. We are licenced for ages 18months to age6. At Lake Avenue Preschool a combination of teaching techniques focusing on academic, artistic, computer and social skills are utilized. College educated teachers with a background in early education helps children improve their self-discipline and gain self confidence. Our teachers also facilitate the children in developing team relationship. This goal is achieved on a daily basis due to the weekly posted lesson plans..


The school provides enriching, challenging and stimulating material to enhance children's innate ability to learn. Children are encouraged to carry out their own learning activities. More importantly, at Lake Avenue Preschool, children learn from direct experiences through a number of activities that include academics, block building, role playing, arts and craft, music and movement classes taught by Jules Music, Gymnastics (5 months of the year), flannel board stories, sensory play, manipulative play, field trips, and computer activities.


The school provides weekly lesson plans specific to the different age groups and development levels. We provide daily activities focusing on the 5 areas of child development which are the Physical development, Social and Emotional Development, different approaches to play and learning, communication through language and literacy and cognitive development and general knowledge. We incorporate Stem lessons and activities, Different themed weeks in the summer, and an outdoor curriculum to engage our students in learning


As children grow older and become mature adults, those children who experience Lake Avenue Preschool will carry with them knowledge and experiences through elementary, high school, college and beyond. We, the staff at Lake Avenue Preschool, look forward to giving your child the opportunity to become a continuous learner.​

  •   Summer curriculum with themed activity weeks
  •     Annual field trips using a chartered bus
  •     Monthly informative newsletters
  •     Annual free speech and hearing tests
  •     Annual parent/teacher conferences
  •     Annual fundraisers and donations
  •     Spring/graduation/holiday pictures are offered annually
  •     Referral incentives for parents
  • Free Gymnastics class twice a month for 5 months a year

About Lake Avenue Preschool

At Lake Avenue Preschool , our hard work is supported by our core values, which are the foundation of all we do. We maintain these values so you can be confident in everything that carries our name.
  •     Full time dedicated staff
  •     Very low teacher to child turnover rate
  •     Hot lunch served daily and 2 snacks
  •     Secured entrance system
  •     Large secured backyard
  •     Separate gated toddler yard
  •     Central A/C and heating
  •     Preschool pets
  •     Commercial grade AstroTurf
  •     Free weekly music &movement class 

Please contact Lake Avenue Preschool to learn how our services will benefit you and your family. 

Lake Avenue Preschool/Kindergarten